Since our creation, The X RAY Philosophy has always been to bring forth the best in men’s fashion: perfected style, fit, feel and overall artistry. Having established a strong core Men’s clothing business, the company is expanding it's portfolio into exciting new areas. As the company continues to grow, our principle has remained the same: design led products defining the originality of our ideas, true craftsmanship and care given to each individually treated items.


In the hot, ruthless summer two brothers traveled to New York City. They approach in the blanket of nightfall by way of an old, corroded van, and in this van is the designer’s collection of hand-designed apparel.

For one year, they drive relentlessly door-to-door, suitcases overflowing with clothes.

They storm everything from the smallest boutique to the largest department store to convince store owners of their vision. Occasionally they’re ignored. Sometimes they’re kicked out. But more times than not, they make the sale.

When asked what they call their label, they respond " X RAY " 

An X RAY looks beyond the surface. It reveals bone, nerve, and beating heart. 

It captures all the little intricacies, and this is precisely the designer’s mission. 

Every shirt, every pair of jeans, every item of clothing must go beyond the surface, 

beyond the ordinary, and give buyers extraordinary detail.

The designers’ vision catches like wildfire, stretching from east to west like a contagion and makes its presence in the best stores around the country.

Now, years later, they’ve ditched their van and set up shop in the New York Fashion District. 

Today, X RAY competes internationally with the top in fashion. 

Yes, the company has grown and evolved, but its mission remains the same: 

to look beneath the surface and reveal the extraordinary.